Business Relief Options

PPP Funding has been Exhausted

As of 5/4/2021, the SBA has announced that all $284 billion allocated for the latest round of PPP has been exhausted. Any outstanding applications that have not yet received an SBA loan number will be withdrawn. We will continue to monitor changes in legislation in case additional funds are appropriated.

PPP Forgiveness

We are now accepting Forgiveness Applications for all First and Second Draw PPP loans. Please login to the portal to access the digital application and submit your documents.

  • When logging into the portal, please use the same email address as you did in your original PPP request. You may be asked to reset your password at the time of login.
  • While on your Dashboard page, click on “Marketplace” on the left side of the page and click “Apply” next to the appropriate Forgiveness option.
  • Once the application is submitted you will be prompted to upload documents. All PPP loans over $150,000 will require documentation at the time of application. If your loan is $150,000 or less, documentation is not required to process your forgiveness request.
  • If documents are not required for processing your forgiveness application, you will still be required to maintain your documentation (Payroll for four years, other expenses for three years). We may request these documents at a later date.

SBA Direct Forgiveness

WECU has elected not to participate in SBA Direct Forgiveness at this time. All forgiveness requests must be submitted directly through WECU’s portal.

In preparation for applying for forgiveness, please review the documentation requirements and instructions on the SBA Website. You may also review our PPP Borrower Source Reference Guide.

Here are some helpful tips to review before starting your application.