Corporate Giving

Together we can do more, so much more.

Whether its supporting a good cause or providing financial resources where they are needed, WECU is deeply committed to its mission of making a meaningful difference in the lives of our members and the communities that we serve.

Through programs like our award-winning United Way campaign, support of Lydia Place, which provides transitional housing to families in need, and financial support of numerous organizations throughout Whatcom County, WECU is all in.

If you’d like to request a donation from WECU, please follow these steps:


WECU will only consider requests from tax exempt organizations recognized under IRS 501(c)(3) guidelines or by the Secretary of State (WA) as a nonprofit organization, and:

  • Local organizations using the funds in Whatcom County
  • Requests that conform to our mission of addressing health, education, and community concerns
  • Projects that are identified as a strong need in our community

WECU will not consider requests for:

  • Sectarian, individual or religious purposes
  • Propagandizing, influencing elections or legislation
  • Capital building for foundations
  • Organizations that have already received funding during the current calendar year
  • Organizations or events which could create controversy or friction among the general membership
  • Scholarship funds (other than scholarships funded through the WECU Scholarship Program)
  • Donations to an individual or pledges to an individual for an event
  • Field trips or travel funds
  • School graduation events

Although we recognize the tremendous value of all the sports, arts, and school programs in Whatcom County we typically cannot make donations:

  • To a single classroom or grade-level project or event
  • To Preschools
  • For purchasing computer-related equipment for classrooms
  • Of more than $150 to school fundraisers
  • Of more than $150 in support of sports programs
  • Of more than $150 in support of arts programs
  • Of more than $150 to school PTA’s or PTO’s

Please note: Groups are encouraged to request an exact budget amount or a portion of a larger budget item. WECU donations typically do not exceed $2,500 per recipient per year.

Donation Request

Requests for large monetary donations (over $1,000) are reviewed and granted quarterly. All requests must be submitted formally for review by our Social Responsibility Committee (SRC) according to the guidelines and schedule set forth below in the “Donation Guidelines” section of this page.

Requests for $1,000 or less are reviewed more frequently and may be submitted at any time. The request should be made in writing and directed to [email protected].

2018 Submission Deadlines

For requests over $1,000

Deadline Fund Distribution
February 6 April
May 8 July
August 7 October
November 6 January

Donation Request Form