Education Center Request Form

Because WECU does not charge for use of our Education Center, we do not allow our users to charge for the event taking place.

Business transactions of any nature (ticket sales, fundraising, product sales) are also not allowed. We do not allow public meetings, nor meetings advertised as such.

Advertising includes radio spots, notices or signs posted around town, or in publications such as the Bellingham Herald or other print media. We reserve the right to turn down reservation requests from groups or organizations which could create controversy or friction among WECU members.

Please send us your booking request as far in advance as possible. In order to be fair, individual groups are allowed a maximum of one reservation per rolling 30-day period. WECU is unable to book a series of recurring events.

Because we receive so many requests, we do not loan the facilities for “private” use, such as anniversaries, birthday parties, wedding receptions, etc.

Reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. For questions regarding the Education Center please call 360.756.7600

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