Questions about your WECU® Account?

Whether you are new to WECU® or have had an account for years, you may find this list of our frequently asked questions helpful!

What is my member number or account number?

Your member number and your account number are the same. You received a member ID card with your member account number on it when you originally opened your account. If you no longer have your card please drop by any branch or call our full service Call Center at 360.676.1168 to have a representative verify your information and give you your member account number or reprint your member ID card for you.

What is my Max-Code?

Your max-code is the number that is required to sign up for Online Banking and our Tele-Max phone banking system. Your max-code was either set up with a loan officer when you opened your account or mailed to you if you opened your account through the mail. If you do not know your max-code you are welcome to stop by any branch to choose one or call our full service Call Center at 360.676.1168 to have one mailed to you.

What is my account type or loan type?

Every WECU® member account number has one or more account and/or loan type associated with it. For example, your primary savings account has an account type of S1, your auto loan may have a loan type of L16. You may view your account and/or loan type by logging into E-Max Online Banking and looking at your Account Summary on your Dashboard. Your account and/or loan type will be listed in parentheses next to each of your accounts. You may also stop by a branch or call our full-service Call Center at 360.676.1168 to have a representative assist you.

How can I make a payment toward my loan?

To make a payment toward your WECU® loan, you have a few options:

Standard Mail -Send personal checks, money orders or cashier's checks (please DO NOT mail cash) to:

Whatcom Educational Credit Union
PO Box 9750
Bellingham, WA 98227

Please include your WECU® member account number and the account type you would like the funds credited towards (i.e.* L17, S8). Standard mail delivery times are estimated at 2-3 business days within Washington State and 5-7 business days if mailing from out of state.

Transfer Funds from a non-WECU® account - If you would like to move money between your WECU® account and an account you have at another financial institution, log into E-Max Online Banking and set up an "External Transfer." You will need the routing number and account number you'd like to transfer funds from.

Within E-Max, click on All Services and then Transfer Funds. Once in this screen choose the External tab. You will be asked to enroll in the service.

Next, click on the Accounts tab, scroll down to "External Accounts," then click on the "Add New External Account" button on the right. Here you can add accounts outside of WECU® that you'd like to transfer funds from.

Within three business days a small deposit will be made to the account at the other financial institution. When you know the amount of this 'micro deposit' you will go back to All Services, Transfer Funds, click on the Accounts Tab and scroll down to External Accounts. Under status it should say "Pending" with a little green "√" next to it. Click on the green "√" and enter the amount of the 'micro deposit' that was made to the external account. You are now set to transfer between your WECU® account and this external account. Please note that each transfer takes 2-3 business days.

Please note: This service can only be used to transfer funds to or from accounts you own at WECU® to or from accounts you own at another financial institution. This is a free service if you are signed up for WECU® E-Statements and $1.00 if you are not.

Electronic Transfer/ACH (Automated Clearinghouse) Transaction - If you contact an outside financial institution and request to electronically transfer funds to your WECU account, you will need your WECU® member number and WECU's routing number: 325180113. Make sure you use the full name that is listed on the WECU® account you are transferring to. Once authorized, an electronic ACH transaction will take one to two business days to process.

Online Bill Pay/E-Pay - If you currently utilize online banking with another financial institution you may have the option to send bill payments or deposits through their online system. You would simply set up WECU® as a bill pay recipient and use your WECU® member account number, the account type you want credited (i.e.*L17, S8) and WECU's mailing information (see above). When inputting your WECU® member account number and account type there should be no spaces, example: 123456S8. Please note that often a physical check is remitted to WECU® and may take up to 5-10 mailing days to be received depending on where your financial institution's bill pay processor is located.

ATM Deposit - If you currently have a WECU® checking account with a Visa Debit Card you have the ability to make deposits directly to your WECU® checking or savings account from either a WECU® deposit-taking ATM (located at Holly, Ferndale and Sunset Branches) or another financial institution's deposit-taking ATM that is part of the Co-op or Moneypass Networks. To locate a Co-op ATM go to: There is a one business-day hold on ATM check deposits and a three business day hold on non-WECU® ATM deposits.

Please note that you must then have loan payments transferred via phone or E-Max.

Pay by Phone - Payments or transfers may be processed over the phone by a WECU® representative with a check, debit card or credit card. There is a $13 convenience fee for phone transactions, with the exception of payments applied directly to a WECU® Visa Credit Card. Payments by phone typically take 1-2 business days to process although they can take longer. If you are interested in making a payment by phone, please call the WECU® at 360.676.1168 or contact the Accounts Control department directly at 360,756.7840 between 8am-6pm Monday-Friday.

Wire Transfer - You may wire funds from another financial institution to WECU®. Please keep in mind there may be a fee from the originating institution for sending the wire; WECU® does not charge incoming wire fees. You will need to provide your financial institution with your WECU® member account number and WECU's routing number: 325180113. Please have your financial institution add a note stating whether the funds should be deposited to a savings, checking, or your loan type.

What is WECU's routing number?

WECU's ABA (Routing/Transit) number is: 325180113.

How do I sign up for E-Max Online Banking?

Enrolling in the new online system requires ten simple steps:

  1. Agree to the Online Banking User Agreement.
    Review and agree to the Online Banking User Agreement as indicated.
  2. Personal Information Verification:
    Enter your member number, current max-code and the last four digits of your social security number.
  3. Login Details:
    Create a Username for your account. You will use this name to access Online Banking rather than entering your member number.
    Create and confirm a new password for your account. This password must be between 6 and 16 digits and must include at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number.
    Enter and confirm your email address. Optional - enter your mobile number for notifications.
  4. Email Activation:
    Enter the code sent to your email in the Email Activation field.
  5. Mobile Phone Activation:
    Enter the code sent to your mobile phone in the Mobile Phone Activation field.
  6. One-time Passwords:
    Choose whether you would like your one-time passwords sent to your email or your mobile phone.
  7. Challenge Questions:
    Select and enter answers for your challenge questions.
  8. Security Image:
    Choose an image provided or upload a photo to use as your personal Site Marker and enter your "secret text."
  9. Register Computer:
    If you are accessing your account from a public PC (one that is shared by others, such as work or the library computer, etc.) we will ask you to answer some of your challenge questions.
  10. Registration Complete! You are now registered for Online Banking and will be prompted to enter your information using your new login credentials to access your account online.

Where do I fax proof of insurance for my loan?

Make sure your insurance shows WECU®, PO Box 9750, Bellingham, WA 98227 as the lienholder & that your deductible is no more than $500 for collision and comprehensive. Your policy can be faxed to our insurance tracking company, State National Companies at 877.844.9915 or it can be mailed to them: State National Companies, PO Box 25563, Fort Worth, TX 76124.

When will I get my title once my loan is paid in full?

If your loan was paid off with guaranteed funds such as a cashiers check, money order or cash then we will start the process to release your title right away. You will receive your title within 4 - 6 weeks after your loan was paid off and it will be mailed to the address that the DOL has on file. There may be a delay if your loan was paid off with a personal check or non-guaranteed funds.

My auto loan is through WECU®, what is the process with plates and registration?

If you purchased the vehicle from a dealer, you'll get the plates and registration information from the dealer. If you purchased your vehicle through a private party, then we will contact you when your license plates and registration are available - typically within 30 days of funding. If you have any questions please call our full-service Call Center at 360.676.1168 or toll-free at 800.525.8703 to have a representative assist you.

I moved out of WA and need to register/title my car in a different state, what do I do?

Please call WECU® and let us know. You will then need to contact the DOL/DMV/MVD in the state you would like to register your vehicle in to initiate the process. They will fax a request to WECU® at 360.756.7857 for the title we currently hold. WECU® will then deal directly with that state's DOL/DMV/MVD to get everything transferred and you will receive your new registration when the process is complete. Timing varies depending on the state but this usually takes around 30 days.

Which branches have coin counters?

The following branches have coin counters available for member use only:

  • Blaine
  • Fairhaven
  • Birchwood
  • Lynden
  • Ferndale
  • Holly
  • Sunset
  • Fountain

Where are WECU's deposit-taking ATMs and when will my deposit post?

Our Ferndale, Sunset & Holly branches all have deposit-taking ATMs. All of these ATMs can count cash deposits for same-day deposits, check deposits post after one business day.

How can I change my debit/credit card PIN?

To change your PIN you may bring your card and your ID into any branch to choose a new one.

How do I dispute a purchase on my card?

It is in your best interest to contact the company first to confirm that it is an unauthorized purchase and write down the date, time and name of the representative you talk to. Then call WECU's Card Services Department to discuss the situation with a representative to see what the best plan of action is. Card Services can be reached at 360.676.1168 x7360 Monday through Friday between 8 am and 6 pm.

A WECU® ATM took my debit/credit card, what do I do?

If the WECU® ATM took your WECU® card we can confirm this with the branch and hold your card for you. You will need to provide current government-issued ID to claim your card at the branch. If the WECU® ATM took one of your cards that was issued by another financial institution, per Visa regulations we must shred the card for security reasons and you will need to contact your financial institution to have them issue a new card to you.

Looking to take advantage of more of what WECU® has to offer?

If you would like to add a checking account, credit card, loan or any of our other great products and services, you can apply online if you are signed up for E-Max Online Banking, visit any one of our convenient Whatcom County branches, or give our full-service Call Center a call at 360-676-1168 (or toll-free at 800-525-8703).