Financial Counseling and Education

We know that managing finances can be tough. Here you will find many resources to help you organize and understand your financial life. We would love to help!

Looking for one on one financial guidance?
WECU members have access to free, high quality financial counseling and education through BALANCE. Programs include Debt and Budget Coaching, Credit Report Review, Student Loan Coaching, Homeownership Coaching, Rental Coaching and Bankruptcy Coaching. Included are tools for your use like BalanceTrack educational modules, the powerful budgeting tool MyBalance, and Get In Balance, which teaches checking account management. Visit to get started today!

Would budgeting software help?
Within E-Max Online Banking you will find MoneyDesktop. MoneyDesktop can aggregate and track all of your accounts- not just your WECU accounts, in one place.

Want a financial educator to visit your classroom or community group?
Check out these free presentations that WECU’s Community Impact team offer. Each topic can be adapted to fit a particular audience, ranging from middle schoolers all the way up to retirees.

  • Understanding Credit and Loans - We are affected by credit when borrowing money but increasingly credit affects us in other areas of life as well. The presentation topics include:
    • Credit reports and credit scores
    • How good and bad credit affect you
    • How to build good credit or repair bad credit
  • Basics of Banking - Understand savings and checking accounts along with the important terminology associated. We discuss:
    • The benefits of savings and checking accounts
    • An explanation of account tools to help with money management
    • Understanding potential fees and how to avoid being feed
  • Budgeting and Smart Money Habits - Household finances are cited as the #1 stressor for many individuals and families. Without some money management understanding and a plan the stress will continue. In this presentation we cover:
    • Goal setting
    • Budgeting practices and concepts
    • Debt management
    • Money values and financial success factors
  • Identity Theft and Scams - Avoid being scammed and having your identity stolen! Presentation includes:
    • Profile of a scam
    • Identity theft
    • Online Scams

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Interested in a WECU seminar?
WECU offers free seminars to our members and the general public. Find a list of current seminars here.

Do you prefer researching topics yourself?

The Federal Trade Commission provides reliable and up to date information on financial subjects from Dealing with Debt and Resolving Consumer Problems to Buying and Owning a Car.