Were you impacted by the Nooksack River flood?

Local helps local.

Unexpected expenses have an impact on any budget, no matter the size. We're temporarily offering two loan options to help our members impacted by the Nooksack River flood.

0% APR¹

A short-term loan to help make ends meet.

No payments for 90 days, up to 90-day term.²

Loan amount up to $2,500.

6% APR¹

A longer-term loan for slightly longer-term needs.

No payments for 45 days, up to 48-month term.³

Loan amount up to $5,000.

¹ APR = Annual Percentage Rate.
² Ex. 1 monthly payment of $1,000 per $1,000 borrowed.
³ Ex. 48 monthly payments of $27.83 per $1,000 borrowed. Note: Minimum payment is $50.00
Members applying for assistance may be asked to provide proof that they are affected by the flood by different means such as address verification, flood damage photos, invoice, or quote for clean-up services.