Money Desktop


Make your money think!

MoneyDesktop is a personal financial management platform integrated within Online Banking. MoneyDesktop allows you to aggregate and track all of your accounts -not just your WECU accounts, in one place!

Get on track with MoneyDesktop

MoneyDesktop gives you the tools you need to track your funds and set your goals. Log into Online Banking and check out MoneyDesktop in the Services Menu.

  • Add your accounts. The WECU® account you logged in under will automatically import into the program, but you can also add retirement accounts, investments and any accounts you have outside of WECU® that you access online.
  • Label/re-label your transactions. Sort through your transactions and label them accordingly. Over time MoneyDesktop will learn your preferences and allocate specific transactions to the categories you assign.
  • Auto generate your budgets. Once you've labeled your transactions, generate and refine your budgets. You can change and tweak your budgets and your transaction categories at any time, as well as set up or adjust specific budgets.
  • Set savings goals. Check the MoneyDesktop goals roadmap to see when you will reach your estimated payoff or savings goals.

Try MoneyDesktop today and get started on your personal financial goals! Like WECU®, MoneyDesktop does not and will not sell your Personally Identifiable Information, click here to read their privacy policy.