Mount Baker

Nonprofit Events

Post your nonprofit event on WECU's lobby screen signs! Whatcom County nonprofits may now submit text regarding their events for display on electronic reader-boards in all WECU branch lobbies.

  • Only Whatcom County nonprofits are eligible to submit events.
  • Events must take place in Whatcom County.
  • Events may not be politically oriented or controversial.
  • Events must be open to the community and occur on specific dates.
  • General calls for business will not be posted even if they support a nonprofit organization.
  • Events must take place in the next 3 months.
  • Event slides will run for a maximum of 2 weeks prior to the last day of the event.
  • WECU® will post a maximum of 5 different nonprofit event slides at one time.
  • Slides will be available on a first come first served basis.
  • We will use the information and photo/logo submitted using the form below to create your slide.
  • Nonprofits may not submit their own premade slides.
  • WECU® reserves the right to refuse to post any submission.