WECU® Nonprofit Spotlight

Faces Northwest

Families for Autism Care, Education and Support (FACES) is pleased to announce our 9th Annual Autism Auction & Benefit Dinner, April 1st starting 5:30 pm at the Bellingham Golf & Country Club. Proceeds from this event will go towards sustaining educational and recreational programs for children with autism.

In 1997, FACES Northwest was formed by six families living with autism in response to a vital need for year round education and support for autistic children and their families. FACES Northwest has now grown to provide 25 children the only summer camp experience specifically for children with autism in Whatcom County. Our camp provides community involvement, independent living skills, academic enrichment and positive social relationships for autistic children and support for their families.

Due to the intensive intervention and support provided at FACES, the cost for families can be challenging but the value is priceless. The cost of the program is about $5000 per student, with each requiring a one-on-one aide to participate in a summer school/camp. The auction is a major source of needed revenue.

Beyond the FACES Summer Program, the organization provides emotional support, resource navigation, autism awareness events, and an Autism End of Summer Party, which serves all families in Whatcom County who have a child or children on the Autism Spectrum.

With 1 in 68 children now on the autism spectrum, FACES Northwest's focus has never been more important than now.