WECU® Nonprofit Spotlight


WeSNiP (Whatcom Education, Spay and Neuter Impact Program) is an animal centered organization that has evolved over the past eight years to continue to meet the needs of the community. Their mission is to make spay & neuter services for cats & dogs accessible, and affordable, to the underserved in Whatcom County. As part of that mission, WeSNiP strives to eliminate barriers such as lack of financial resources, access to transportation, pet crates, trap-neuter-return for feral/free-roaming cats, and education. All these barriers prevent cats and dogs in our area from being altered.

WeSNiP is the only by-donation spay/neuter service organization in the community. WeSNiP is unique in that they provide specific spay/neuter assistance, education and crucial client support. WeSNiP fills the gap between available services and clients who cannot utilize spay/neuter services without assistance. By providing these services to the community, clients who would otherwise not be able to spay or neuter their pets now have access to these important services. This prevents countless unwanted litters of kittens and puppies.

Since fall of 2008, WeSNiPs efforts have resulted in over 16,125 spay/neuter surgeries in Whatcom County. Ultimately, their vision is to eliminate the euthanasia of healthy dogs and cats that have entered the shelter system. Current statistics reported by the Whatcom Humane Society show that shelter intake and euthanasia rates in Whatcom County have continued to decline significantly since WeSNiPs inception. Pet overpopulation is a fixable problem and spaying and neutering is the answer to saving lives.