Personal Loans

WECU® Personal Loans

Make your dreams a reality!

Need a little help with that plan or project?

A personal loan from WECU® can help you get a head start. Whether you're looking to start a new hobby or just get away for some rest and relaxation, we'd love to help. If you're not quite sure what type of loan best fits your needs, let us know. Our loan officers are always happy to help.

The nuts and bolts of WECU's personal loans:

  • Typically non-collateralized loan (no security or equity needed)
  • An attractive alternative for those who don't want to tie up the equity in their homes
  • Use the loan for:
    • Taxes
    • Home repairs
    • Vacation expenses
    • Debt consolidation

Highlights of a personal loan at WECU:

  • Automatic payment options
  • Easy access to your loan accounts with Online Banking and Tele-Max audio response
  • Local service you can trust
  • Optional Payment Protection available