Release Notes

This is where you can find an ongoing list of all the enhancements we've made so far. Big or small, this page has them all.

April 2019

Consistent Masking in Transfers
Account numbers in the Transfers menu are now masked.

Missing Loan Nickname
Loan nicknames will no longer disappear until the next login after a loan payment is made.

iPad Text Banking Screens
Enrollment in text banking using an iPad is now easier.


March 2019

Firefox Dropdown Menus
It's now easier to navigate in Firefox.

Mobile App Receipts
Receipts are now available on the mobile app.

Simplified Mobile Deposits
The accounts that are listed when you deposit a check with your mobile device are now limited to accounts that you can actually deposit that check into.


February 2019

Reg D Limits Display
Reg D Limits now display for savings accounts inside Online Banking.

Multiple Transfer Submissions
Resolved issue with multiple transfer submissions experienced by a few members.

Improvements to Information Displayed
Additional user interface improvements around displaying data, particularly loan balances.


January 2019

Credit Card History Through Telephone Banking
Members now have access to credit card history through Telephone Banking.

Mobile Banking Transfers
Resolved issue with transfer functions in Mobile Banking.

Help Function Improvements
Additional user interface improvements for Online Banking help functions.


December 2018

Business Bill Pay Users
Resolved issue with business bill pay user profiles.

Additional Account Details
Additional account details were added to transaction descriptions within Online and Mobile Banking.

Flexibility for Mortgage Payments
More flexibility added to allow members who don’t want to make a full payment to spread payments out according to their preference inside Online Banking.


November 2018

Performance Improvements
Improved performance for Online and Mobile Banking.