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Your membership is the most important thing in the world to us. So when you talk, we listen. We understand that change is difficult and we need to provide more assistance as you become familiar with the new Online Banking platform. Know that we are doing everything in our power to earn your confidence and trust as we deliver the credit union experience that you want, and more importantly, deserve.

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 If there is a specific topic you are looking for some guidance on, we have also added a “How-To” for our most frequently asked about topics. Download all of our Additional Resources here.

Top Questions, Answered

Why was a System Upgrade necessary?

Before the upgrade, WECU was using a 30-year-old Operating System. While stable, it was not flexible, and it was very difficult to find modern solutions to offer our membership that were compatible with the old technology. This project was a multi-year process executed with the needs of our membership always top of mind.

In this ambitious effort, WECU worked with industry experts to migrate more than 1.5 billion data points representing over 140,000 people and organizations, over 145 million transactions, over 227,000 deposits accounts, over 65,000 loans, and over 103,000 debit and credit cards.

Why am I seeing other accounts in Online Banking?

Before the upgrade, online access was set up for each account. This meant that members were often forced to remember multiple usernames and passwords and it was difficult to have a holistic view of your relationship at WECU. Now, you only need one login to see any account you sign on. If you’re seeing accounts that you don’t want to see, please visit a branch or give us a call and we can hide them for you. Contact Us.

Can I remove accounts from Online Banking?

Yes! If you would like to remove certain accounts, please come in to any branch or call us and we can assist you.  Contact Us.

Can I separate my personal accounts from my business in Online Banking?

Yes! If you would like to separate your business and personal accounts, please contact our business banking team at [email protected]

Can anyone else see my accounts in Online Banking?

No! The view you have when you log in to Online Banking is unique to you. If, for example, you used to share a login with your spouse to view your household accounts, your spouse can now create their own login to see all of the accounts they sign on. Logins and usernames are no longer intended to be shared.

Is the new Online Banking secure?

Yes! At WECU, the security and privacy of your information is paramount. Our new system provides additional features to protect your information, including identity verification, challenge questions, and Touch ID.

How do I find my new account number in Online Banking?

On a Computer:

  • Select Accounts > Snapshot

On a Mobile Device:

  • Click on the account in Account Summary
  • Scroll past Recent Transactions to Account Details
  • Expand the Account Details section

Why aren’t payments to my WECU Visa Credit Card applied immediately in Online Banking?

On the new system, Visa payments made in Online or Mobile Banking are applied within 2 hours. If you’d like to make an immediate payment, please call us or come in to any branch.  Contact Us.

How do I transfer money in Online or Mobile Banking?

Transfer money to your accounts at WECU or other financial institutions:

  • Select Transfers > Make a Transfer
  • In the To My Accounts section, choose:
    • From Account
    • To Account. Note: If you need to add an account at another financial institution, click Add External Account at the bottom of the To My Accounts section
    • Amount
    • Scheduling Option (immediate, future-dated, or recurring)
    • Description (optional)
    • Click Submit
      Please note, transfers to Credit Cards will be processed within 24 hours. Contact us for additional payment options.

Transfer money to other WECU members:

  • Select Transfers > Make a Transfer
  • In the To Friends & Family section, choose:
    • From Account
    • To Account Type (checking or savings)
    • To Account. Note: this is the member’s NEW account number (9 to 11 digits)
    • Confirm To Account
    • Amount
    • Description (optional)
  • To save the account for future transfer, click the checkbox next to this option
  • Click Submit

You can also send money to WECU members via text or email by clicking on the link at the bottom of the To Friends & Family section.

Transfer money to people outside of WECU:

  • Select Payments > Pay People
  • Follow the prompts to enroll in Bill Pay and PopMoney, if applicable
  • In the Payment Information section, choose:
    • To – the person’s name
    • Email or Mobile
    • Amount
    • Send Date
    • Make this a recurring payment (optional)
    • Delivery (Next Business Day or Standard 3 Business Days)
    • Pay From. Note: you must have a checking account to send money from
    • Email Message (optional)
  • Click Continue
  • Verify Payment and choose to Cancel, Edit, or Send Payment

The information you enter for people you pay will be saved on your Contacts tab. You can also easily Import, Add, Edit, or Delete Contacts here.

When will my eStatement history be available?

eStatements will be available in Online and Mobile Banking no later than October 31. If you need a copy of any statements before then, we’re waiving fees for printed copies and you can request them at any branch.

I need to talk to someone.

Since the upgrade, our Contact Center has experienced higher than normal call and chat volumes. We’re working to take care of our members as quickly as possible. Please consider visiting a branch if that’s an option for you.

We are also adding extended and Saturday hours to help serve you better! Check out the Extended Hours section above for all the details.

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Here you will find a “How-To” for all of our most frequently asked about topics.

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