Existing Members

You no longer need $5 on deposit or a savings account. Any account or loan makes you a member, as long as you meet eligibility requirements.

Joint Members

All account holders or borrowers are now members, so welcome (officially) to WECU! Please make sure to update your contact info so we can share the latest happenings with you.

Other Changes

ATM Deposits

The first $200 of your deposits (per day, per card) will be available immediately; and the remaining funds will be available no more than 2 business days later.

Debit Card Limits

Daily debit card transaction limits have changed to $500 at the ATM and $10,000 at any merchant (both entering your PIN and signing to authorize).

Mortgage Payments

Our new system allows mortgage payments to be processed in real-time, which means there will no longer be an account linked to your mortgage for routing payments.

Overdraft Transfer Fee

The $2 fee for transferring money between accounts to cover overdrafts will now post to the account that funds were transferred from.

Fraud Notifications

With our new system we have the ability to add each cardholder’s contact information for fraud notifications. This will allow us to contact you directly if we see any suspicious transactions. If we need to verify activity on your card, you will be contacted via text, email or phone. Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date.

Travel Notes

Now you only need to notify us if you are traveling outside of the US. You can do this in Online or Mobile Banking by selecting More > Travel Notification.

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