Frequently Asked Questions

When are statements available?

eStatements are available by the end of the day on the first of each month. Printed statements will be mailed two business days later.

What accounts will be on my statement?

All accounts with the same signers will be combined on one statement. You will get one statement per combination of account signers and a separate statement for any loan you have with us.

How do I enroll in eStatements?

eStatements are a great way to save time and eliminate clutter! To enroll, simply log in to Online Banking, select Accounts > eStatements, and follow the prompts to enroll. Enrolling allows you to view, print and download them in Online Banking.

I am having trouble with eStatements.

If you are having trouble accessing your eStatements, check out our eStatement Troubleshooting Guide.

What will statements look like?

Below you will find an example of a Month-End Statement as well as a Loan Statement. They are great tools to help you stay on top of your finances.

Month-End Statements

  1. How to Contact WECU
  2. Summary of Accounts: Account Type, Number & Balance
  3. Account Summary: Beginning & Ending Balance, Debit & Credit Totals
  4. Dividend Summary (if applicable): Annual Percentage Yield, Dividend Days, Earned, Paid & YTD.
  5. Account Activity: All Transaction Details
  6. Dividend Rate Changes (if applicable): Dividend Rate as of each date of change

Loan Statements

  1. How to contact WECU
  2. Account Summary: Balance, Interest Rate and more
  3. Payment Info: Breakdown of the Total Amount Due
  4. Past Payments: Last Month & YTD
  5. Transaction Activity: During Statement Period
  6. Payment Coupon

Still have questions?

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The WECU team is available to help you at 800-525-8703.

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