Your Accounts

What’s new?

Everyone’s account number changed. On our new system, all of your accounts and information will be under your name so you don’t need to remember an account number when you call or come in.

What do you need to do?

Nothing, we moved everything over for you. If you want to look up your new account number, it’s easy to find in Online or Mobile Banking. We also recommend that you give your accounts Nicknames, to differentiate between your new account numbers after the upgrade.


Did my account number change?

Yes, all account numbers changed. New account numbers are between 9 and 11 digits. This will not affect your checks, cards, or automatic withdrawals/deposits. We recommend that you give your accounts Nicknames, to differentiate between them. You can do this in Online Banking or by making the request via Chat, phone or at a branch.

How can I add Nicknames?

Nicknames help you differentiate between accounts of the same type. For example, you might use Nicknames like “Main Checking,” “Rental Checking,” “Vacation Savings,” “Kids Savings,” etc. You can easily add Nicknames to your accounts in Online Banking! Select Accounts > Snapshot, click on the account you want to change, choose Change in Account Details, enter a new Nickname, and click Save. We are still working on adding this option to our mobile experience, but you’re welcome to send us a Secure Message or call 800-525-8703 to add or change your Nickname.

Where can I find my new account number?

You can find your account number inside Online Banking by selecting Accounts > Snapshot or in Mobile Banking by selecting an account in your Account Summary, scrolling past recent transactions, and expanding the Account Details section.

Do I still need my account number when I call or visit a branch?

No. When calling in or visiting a branch, we’ll look you up by your name or SSN. As always, we’ll verify your identity to ensure complete account security.

Did the WECU routing number change?

No. The WECU routing number will stay the same.

Will my checks still work?

Yes! The next time you order checks, we’ll update them to your new account number. In the meantime, your checks will work as usual.

Will my Debit or Credit Card numbers change?

No, your cards will work as usual.

Will my automatic deposits and withdrawals still work?

Yes! Automatic transfers, deposits and withdrawals will post to your account as usual. We recommend giving your new account number to anyone that you send/receive money from in case they update their information in the future.

Please note: transfers, payments, and other transactions that are processed automatically will happen at a new time of day, but will still occur on the day they are scheduled.

Will my transaction history look different?

Yes. You’ll notice that some transaction descriptions are simpler (i.e. Deposit, Withdrawal, Check, etc.) Card transactions may contain more details, depending on the information provided by the merchant and transactions completed in Online Banking may contain your custom Description, if applicable.

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