TransactExpress offers your customers fast and
easy payment methods!

The TransactExpress system gives you a secure command center with payment processing options using a variety of easy-to-use electronic payment applications. With TransactExpress, you can accept payments online or by phone. You can easily process payments as card transactions or eCheck (ACH) from your customer's bank account. Additionally, you can automate recurring payments or create customized electronic payment plans with the option of adding interest or fees. TransactExpress also includes the capability to send money enabling you to pay vendors, contractors or initiate payroll for employees using the ACH network.

Remote Deposit Capture and ACH application packet

Why TransactExpress?

Choose to deploy any number of the streamlined payment applications, depending on your needs, while enjoying a single system for billing and reporting. With TransactExpress, you will collect more payments while reducing returned items, expenses and operating costs and improving workflow efficiency.

  • Enable your customers to make direct payments online
  • Provide a variety of payment options to meet different business and customer needs
  • Utilize a full-featured funds disbursement system to easily manage payments made by your business
  • Know your funds and transactions are securely serviced by your credit union
  • Deposit all incoming funds into your existing credit union business account
  • Save time and costs by eliminating tedious payment processes
  • Reduce return payments
  • Go green by eliminating carbon emissions associated with check transport
  • No core data processor interfaces required
  • Complete operational and technical support available

Extend the Value of Your Merchant Account

Online Merchant Account

If you accept credit cards already, TransactExpress allows you to take your existing merchant account solution to the next level. Why limit yourself and your customers to a single way to pay? TransactExpress immediately provides your customers access to more payment options. Don't have a merchant processor account? We'll assist you in applying for one.

Offer More Ways to Pay with eCheck

TransactExpress provides easy ways to save your company time and money while improving the accuracy, security, and efficiency of your receivables activities. In addition to card payments, TransactExpress applications enable you to initiate electronic payments from your customers' checking and savings accounts directly to your company's account. This simplifies the payment process for both you and your customers. TransactExpress utilizes the Automated Clearing House (ACH) for account-to-account electronic transfers.

  • Virtual Terminal - Accept secure credit/debit card and eCheck payments (ACH origination) over the Internet, telephone, or through the mail
  • Send Money - Send single or multiple eCheck (ACH) payments for payroll, vendor payments etc.
  • Recurring Payment Schedules - Develop customized, recurring payment schedules designed to be easy, regular, and error-free. Bill a card or checking account
  • Payment Plans - Automate the process of dividing large balances into a series of installments, plus add interest and/or fees
  • Credit Card Processing - Process payments or other charges received at point-of-service via credit/debit card reader
  • Online Payment Page - Implement a secure, online payment page branded with your organization's name and logo and linked to your own website
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