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Apr 21 Additional Shred Day Scheduled
Our April Shred Day was incredibly busy this year. After shredding over 13,000 pounds of member... more
Apr 21 QuickBooks 2011 Upgrade
QuickBooks will discontinue their support of QuickBooks 2011 May 31st, 2014. This means users... more
Apr 21 Heartbleed Exploit –WECU Systems Safe
WECU has verified that our systems are not vulnerable to the ‘Heartbleed’ attack... more
Apr 09 E-Notify/E-Statements Reminder
We recently sent out a reminder feature through E-Max online banking, to notify members who have... more
Apr 07 Card Block Update
Transactions on WECU debit and classic credit cards at the merchant MOZILLAFOUN have been blocked... more
Wayne's Words
Notes from CEO Wayne Langei
Wayne Langei From 1 million to 1 billion: WECU® is a strong credit union. We have continued to grow and develop over the years, expanding our services and... more