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First Step Visa Credit Card Webinar

The First Step Visa program provides young people an opportunity to learn about maintaining good credit and avoiding bad debt. The First Step Visa Credit Card Webinar will be held on Wednesday, May 15, from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM.

Students 16-17 years old attend the First Step Visa Webinar to qualify for a First Step Visa. We encourage legal guardians or parent(s) to also attend. This seminar will be virtual to support safe and easy access. Upon successful completion of the First Step Visa Webinar and either a completed application with proof of income or parent/legal guardian as co-borrower, teens may be issued a $250 First Step Visa.

Young adults 18 and older are also welcomed to attend the seminar. Applications for other Visa products will be available at the end of the seminar to registered email addresses.

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