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Direct Pay (ACH)

Direct Pay means better business is right at your fingertips. Collect dues, fees, and donations automatically. With ACH origination, you can also pay employees, suppliers, and vendors.
A business remote deposit capture device.

Business Remote Deposit Capture

We offer business remote deposit capture, so you can save time. For same-day funds availability, feel free to scan all of your checks for deposit without leaving your place of business.
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Online Wire Origination

In a hurry to get that payment through? WECU offers online wire origination services so you can send payments quickly with Online Banking.
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Maximize the return on every dollar with automated sweeps. WECU's Sweep Management tool can grant you a steady cash flow between your operating account and line-of-credit or savings.
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Account Analysis

Our “Smart” account lets your money work for you. The Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) you build over the month can be used to offset any accrued activity fees.
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