Personal Loans

Life is all about seizing the moment. So, when it's time to act, a WECU personal loan can give you the cash – and that little extra boost – to do what needs getting done.
Carpe diem, Whatcom County!

Personal Loan

Is it time to replace that old water heater? Consolidate some debt? Or just jet off for a little R&R? Give us a shout and we’ll wow you with some great rates, flexible terms, and a taste of that legendary service that we’ve been delivering for more than 80 years.

Secured Loan

A secured loan with WECU helps you build your credit score (which is mighty important) while paying below market interest rates. And you can earn a little interest to boot!

Need to skip a loan payment?

To take advantage of our Skip-a-Pay program, simply fill out the form below. There is a $15 fee per payment skipped. Requests to skip a payment must be made on or prior to your next loan payment due date. You can skip a maximum of one payment per loan in a 12 month period. Skip-a-pay DOES NOT apply to VISA credit cards, timelines, business loans, or real estate loans, and is subject to approval. If approved please review your automatic transfers in Online Banking and update pending payments to your loan for the month that you skip. If your payments are sent automatically from another financial institution you will need to ensure that your payment is paused for the month skipped.