Center Stage

Carl's Mower & Saw

In this installment of Center Stage, we share the story of Carl's Mower & Saw. Carl started his business in 1990 with a simple idea - provide great products and take care of the customer. Over the years, he and his team have done just that, which has proven to be the formula for his success.
Center Stage


In this installment of Center Stage, Cedarwoods Canine School and Owner Sam McGrady are in the spotlight. The story of Cedarwoods starts, appropriately, with a dog. “Murphy the Wonder Dog,” was the dog of Sam’s Dad. As Sam’s father took him around to work and on his errands, people began to ask, “how do I get my dog to act like that?”. Sam and his father began teaching small dog obedience classes in a local park and, as they say, the rest is history.
Center Stage

District Brewing

This Center Stage profiles WECU business member Mark Shintaffer of District Brewing who shares his philosophy on business, beer, and his personal passion, amidst a pandemic, to bring it all together on the Mt. Vernon waterfront.
Center Stage

Ground Keeper Custom

In this installment of Center Stage, Ground Keeper Custom owner Keely Shannon is in the spotlight. She was working as a graphic designer when she ran into a problem. Her solution to that problem has grown into one of the coolest businesses around. Check out her story here.
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