Business Visa Credit Cards

Grow your business. Earn rewards in the process.


Credit card with visa business logo.
Cash Back
Unlimited cash back on purchases. All the time.
Annual Fee
No annual fee for you or your employees.
Annual Percentage Rate
Low rate for all purchases, balance transfers, and even cash advances.

Card features you want, nothing else.

Card Control

Manage your accounts, pay your bills, and check your balances - all from the comfort of your home. Or office. Or hotel. Or wherever life takes you.

No-fee Balance Transfers

WECU's Business Visa ensures your balance transfers are fee and worry-free.

Balance Transfer Request Form

Payment Protection

We offer payment protection for Sole Proprietorships.

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Tap To Pay

WECU Business Visa Credit Cards are now contactless. Tap to pay wherever you see the contactless logo.

Your business, on the move.

Access your account anytime, anywhere. The WECU mobile app puts you in control. You can check deposits, pay bills, monitor transaction history, and send money. It’s a snap. Simply download the free WECU app to your smartphone or tablet and manage your money no matter where you are. Visit the Google Play or Apple App Store to get started.
This is an image of a phone displaying a credit card screen with a card number, expiry date, and the word WECU on the screen. The card has the name EMMA MILLER printed on it and shows the logo for Visa.
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