No one likes feeling uncomfortable. Routines can make us comfortable. When it comes to our finances, most of us are in routines, whether we know it or not. Routines can be very helpful- they make things automatic, and that’s pretty nice.

But our lives change, routines that were once helpful no longer are. We need to recognize when the routine no longer serves us and then we need to change. Leaving the comfort of a routine requires being a little comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Before I had my daughter, I was pretty comfortable financially and I was paying $180 a month for cable – and it worked. When my daughter came along, my expenses changed drastically. I was no longer comfortable. I needed to find cheaper entertainment. This habit change was surprisingly hard.

Do you have a routine that is no longer working for your life or goals? How can you build a better routine for a better tomorrow? I wish you luck and if WECU can be of help, please let us know.