In North Bellingham, there is a mushroom farm producing hundreds of pounds of mushrooms every single week in indoor warehouses. Driving by, you wouldn’t know it’s there.

But what’s more interesting is that these aren’t your regular white button mushrooms you typically see on pizza or salad. Instead, they’re all exotic varieties. No, “exotic” does not mean psychedelic, rather mushrooms that are more commonly found in European or Asian Cuisine.

In this episode of Neighbor to Neighbor, host Keith Mader speaks with Alex Winstead, Founder and Owner of Cascadia Mushroom. They discuss Alex’s story: how he went from a walk in the woods hunting mushrooms with a friend, to committing his life to growing and selling them. Alex also shares about mushrooms that glow in the dark, training truffle hunting dogs, and trying orange pickled mushrooms in Uruguay.

Photos from a tour of the Cascadia Mushroom Farm in Bellingham