Always Start with the “Why”

What is the best credit card for you? To answer that question, you really need to answer another question first, namely WHY do you want a credit card? For instance:

Rewards. Do you want to accumulate rewards such as cash back, miles or other perks from having a credit card?

Signup bonuses. Do you seek a card with initial perks?

Building credit. Are you interested in building credit? You need a good credit score for many things in life. Credit cards are an easy way to build your score.

Travel benefits. Is traveling your jam? Depending on the card, you can sometimes garner other travel benefits like no foreign transaction fees, baggage fees, or free rental car insurance.

Protection on “no return” items. Some cards allow you to withhold payment.

Easier expense tracking. Dealing with receipts can get a bit messy. Do you want to simplify this process by using credit card for expense tracking? This is especially important to many small business owners.

Still need a little guidance? Talk to a WECU loan specialist today and we can sort out all the what’s and why’s and get a card in your wallet that meets your needs.