Much of our time leading up to Christmas is spent running around buying presents for other people. While giving gifts to others is wonderful, it’s also a great time to give yourself a gift or two.

Give Yourself Permission to Say No

Especially during the holiday season, it can become very apparent by the number of things we agree to attend, give to, and sign up for, that most of us have a problem saying no. Maybe you have a bad case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and that FOMO has gotten your finances into trouble. As you consider making positive changes in your life, sometimes it’s helpful to look at saying “no” as something you give yourself permission to do.

Give Yourself A Saving Goal

One thing you can do is to give yourself something to save FOR. Whether it’s something practical like an emergency fund or something fun like a vacation. It can be fun to have a goal and start working toward it.

Give Yourself a Commitment to Something You’ll Improve in Your Financial Life

Turn what is intangible and aspirational into a commitment. Making a commitment moves you closer to action. Give yourself the gift of a commitment to something positive with your finances. So rather than saying, “I just wish I managed my money better so things aren’t so tight at the end of the month” say, “starting in January I’m going to write down everything I spend money on and review it regularly.”

Give Yourself a Budget

If you care about making better decisions with your money you should have a budget. Maybe you don’t know where to start. The simplest way to start is by downloading a printable budget sheet like this one from Freddie Mac. Take one hour, pull up your online banking statement, and start filling it out.

Give Yourself a Simplified Life with Automation

If you find yourself always late paying your bills, make your life easier and more efficient by automating the process. Simplify your budget and money management with automation.

Check out this quick how-to on using WECU’s bill pay service. Again, while it’s great to abundantly give to others this holiday season, don’t forget yourself. Your future self will thank you.