Sometimes it’s just too easy to spend our money. Companies are always inventing new ways to separate us from our hard-earned money.

Take for instance online shopping. It used to be you had to pull out your card, enter all the numbers, click purchase and hope you entered them correctly. Now, they’re saved on your favorite online retailer, making a purchase just one click away.

Or reoccurring payments or subscriptions. You don’t have to do anything and they’ll take your money! So… while spending your money has gotten easier… how do we make saving just as easy? Here’s some ideas to try out:

  • First, set up an automatic transfer into your savings account that lines up with your payday. If you’re a WECU Member, you can do this in WECU’s online banking platform by going to “Transfers,” choose a transfer amount, and set it up to reoccur.
  • Another idea to keep you from spending your savings is to hide the account.
  • If you don’t see it, you’ll be less tempted to spend it.
  • Visit a branch or call our Contact Center and they can hide the account for you.
  • You can even have multiple savings accounts that have different transfer amounts going into them every month. For example, you could have one savings account for car care and maintenance, and another for emergencies, and a third for vacations.

In the war of spending vs. savings, give your savings a fighting chance. Make savings automatic, keep it out of eyesight, and make it hard to access on a whim or impulse.