Online Services

E-Max is your online resource to view and control your account. E-Max gives you 24-hour personal access to control your account from the convenience of your home computer. Our online banking software features many great utilities including e-statements, loan applications, automatic transfer setup, free online billpay, e-mail alerts, and much more.


By choosing E-Statements over standard paper statements you will increase the security of your personal information, be more environmentally friendly, and you'll save storage space. You will also have a long-term online filing system for all of your financial statements!

  • E-Statements are accessed through our E-Max login system, providing you with a high level of data security. We highly recommend E-Statements to help protect yourself from identity theft and other fraud.
  • Just like e-mail, E-Statements save everyone paper, time, and money. No more trips to the mailbox for your statements, and no more paper clutter.
  • Once you sign up, your past and present E-Statements are stored online. This is a great solution for both personal finances and for businesses! You won't have to keep track of paper statements for auditors.
  • By signing up for E-Statements, you'll also have access to E-Alerts, a free online system for sending automated account and personal alerts to your e-mail inbox or phone.

To sign up for E-Statements, click the "E-Statements" button from within E-Max, or for more information on how to sign up for E-Statements click here.

Mobile Banking for Everyone!

That's right mobile banking is now available with new E-Max! Once you've completed registration for the new system online, visit the mobile site at or download the new E-Max mobile app from the Google Play or Apple Store.

Make transfers, check balances, view cleared transactions and manage your funds on the go with the new and improved mobile banking!

Make sure to redirect your bookmarks if you've visited the site in the past. You must have a data plan on your cell phone to use WECU's mobile banking.

E-Mail and Text Alerts

Wouldn't it be nice if your account could talk to you? No one has time to watch their account 24/7. That's where our E-Notify service comes in.

This free service allows you to receive instant notification the moment something changes on your account - all based on your preference. Just set up your e-mail and text alert preferences and E-Notify will alert you when those transactions occur.

  • E-mail messages telling you your E-Statement is ready to be retrieved.
  • Personal reminders, such as birthdays, anniversaries and appointments.
  • When savings or loan balances arrive at an amount you specify.
  • Pre-authorized ACH (Automated Clearing House) withdrawals.
  • Reminders when your loan or VISA payments are due.
  • When your certificate is about to mature.
  • Payroll, pre-authorized transfers or direct deposits as they hit your account. When your checking or savings balances fall below a specified amount.

To sign up for E-Notify, simply click the E-Notify button from inside of E-Max. E-Max will then guide you through the easy process of setting up your alerts. For a full walk-through, click here.

Online Security

At WECU®, your personal security is of the utmost importance to us. In both real-world and online situations, we take precautions to protect you from fraudulent activity and identity theft.

E-Max online banking is secure. The moment you click to login, a secure environment is established between your browser and our server using Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology. All data transferred between your browser and our server is first encrypted using a 128-bit algorithm. This encryption method scrambles the data being transmitted such that only your browser and our server are able to unscramble it for processing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Free Online Bill Pay

Why pay extra just to send your bills? You can avoid paying for unnecessary postage using our online billpay system. E-Pay is designed to be fast and friendly - and at no cost to you.

  • FREE*. There are no fees for paying bills through our online E-Pay service. *There is a $9.95 fee for each Expedited Bill Payment.
  • FAST. Bills paid through our E-Pay service will clear your account quickly, and receiving times with many vendors are as fast as two business days.
  • FRIENDLY. Our E-Pay system is easy to use. With 24 hours a day, seven day a week member service, our bill-pay is a notch above the competition.

Click here for an interactive E-Pay demonstration.

E-Pay Payment Guarantee:

  • If for reasons beyond your, or the credit union's control, a properly scheduled payment is posted late, our E-Pay Vendor will ensure that late fees and finance charges are removed by the merchant (or paid), and that your account at the merchant is appropriately noted.
  • The following payees are allowed, but not covered by the Payment Guarantee:
    • Payees with Armed Forces postal codes (AP, AE)
    • Payment to settle securities transactions
    • Payoffs on "special financing" transactions
    • Unprocessed payments due to debit failures
  • The following payees are prohibited from online bill payment:
    • Tax entities (IRS, state and local tax authorities)
    • Collection Agencies
    • Court Ordered Payments
    • Payees Outside the U.S.
  • Please refer to the E-Pay Section of our Electronic Funds Transfer disclosure.

Software Integration

From within E-Max you can download your account history into Microsoft Money, Quicken, or Excel format. Simply click on the "Download" icon located on the "Transaction History" page.