Health Savings Accounts

Life is full of surprises. Some may come with medical bills. If you need a little extra coverage - or a lot - a WECU Health savings Account (HSA) can help.

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Health Savings Account Rates

UP TO 0.10% apy*
*Annual Percentage Yield.
Restrictions apply.

Benefits of a Health Savings Account

An HSA is like a personal savings account that’s just for medical expenses. You can set aside some of your earnings pre-tax, and use that money to pay for current and future medical bills.

Three times the tax savings.

Money you deposit into your HSA is pre-tax. Then it grows tax-free. When you withdraw it for medical expenses, it’s tax-exempt.

Your account follows you.

You own your HSA account, not your employer. So if you change jobs, your savings come with you – and that balance earns dividends.

Enjoy total control and flexibility.

Contribute to your HSA at any time during the year. Or spend from it. There are no time restrictions, and your balance rolls over from year to year – so it’s not a use-it-or-lose-it situation.

Setting Up A WECU Health Savings Account Is Easy.

Simply call us or book an appointment to stop by a branch. We can explain your options, answer any questions, and help you open your account today.

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