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Great Rates on High Yield Plus Savings1

Account Balance With Spend Plus Checking APY² Without Spend Plus Checking APY²
$500,000.01+ 4.00% APY 2.75% APY
$100,000.01 - $500,000.00 3.50% APY 2.50% APY
$50,000.01 - $100,000.00 3.00% APY 2.25% APY
$0-$50,000.00 0.50% APY 0.01% APY

1See our Rate and Fee Schedule for more information on High Yield Plus Savings accounts and Spend Plus Checking account fees, terms, and conditions. A Spend Plus Checking account is required to receive the highest rate. Must be tax reporting owner on both accounts. Minimum opening deposit of $1 is required. Rates are subject to change. Fees could reduce earnings. APY is accurate as of January 31, 2024.

2APY = Annual percentage yield.

The current rate, account terms and conditions, and fees applicable to your Savings Accounts with Whatcom Educational Credit Union (WECU) are a part of your Membership and Account Agreement.

The rates appearing above are accurate and effective for Savings Accounts as of the effective date. Fees could reduce earnings. Rates may be subject to change. See our Truth-In-SavingsTruth-In-Savings and our Rate and Fee Schedule for more information. If you have any questions on your accounts, please call WECU at 360-676-1168, toll-free 800-525-8703, or TTY 800-833-6388.


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Spend Plus Rate

Earn even more with Spend Plus Checking.

No Monthly Maintenance Fees

Never pay a monthly maintenance fee on your High Yield account.

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Spend Plus Checking

Maximize Your Earnings

To maximize your High Yield Plus Savings rate, open a Spend Plus Checking account today. Spend Plus Checking rewards you for using your debit card, having WECU loans, and gets you the Spend Plus bonus rate on your High Yield Plus Savings.

Your Funds 24/7

Access Your Funds Anytime

High Yield Plus Savings offers the flexibility you need. Access your money whenever you want, whether it’s for emergencies, investments, or your dream vacation.

Insured by NCUA

No Risk, High Rewards

While stocks and investments carry risks, a High Yield Plus Savings offers stability and security. Your money is federally insured by NCUA providing peace of mind that your hard-earned dollars are safe and sound.

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Whether you are just beginning your savings or a seasoned saver, at WECU, we understand the importance of saving money and achieving your goals. That’s why we make it easy to open a savings account online in as few as 3 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is High Yield Plus Savings different than Regular Savings?

High Yield Plus Savings is a tiered savings account designed to reward high depositors and loyal members. This account offers better dividend rates as your balance increases, providing you with an efficient way to grow your wealth over time.

How do dividends work for High Yield Plus Savings?

Dividends on this account are tiered, depending on your average monthly balance. The entire balance qualifies for the applicable rate tier, and dividends are compounded and paid monthly. This means that as your balance grows, so does your earning potential.

What does “unblended” mean for my rates?

Unlike some other accounts that offer blended rates, High Yield Plus Savings pays the entire account balance in the qualified rate tier. So, if your balance falls within a specific tier for the month, the entire balance earns that rate.

How do the “Plus” rates work?

You’ll get a significant bump in your dividend rates when you maintain an active Spend Plus Checking account. So, you get a better return on your High Yield Plus Savings even if you have less than $50k in it.

Does High Yield Plus Savings offer Member Rewards?

No, this account doesn’t offer any Member Rewards on balances. The focus here is on providing you with higher dividends for your higher balances and loyalty.

Are there any monthly fees or minimums?

No, the High Yield Plus Savings account does not have any minimum balance requirements or monthly maintenance fees. Your focus can purely be on growing your savings.

Can I access my money easily from the High Yield Plus account?

Yes, you can access your money from the High Yield Plus account, just like a regular savings account.

Who should open a High Yield Plus Savings account?

  • High Depositors: If you have significant savings, this account offers an attractive rate tier that grows with your balance.
  • Loyal Members: Even without a high balance, maintaining a Spend Plus Checking account can bump you to a higher dividend rate.
  • Long-term Savers: Ideal for those looking to save for long-term goals like retirement or property investment.

How do I open a High Yield Plus Savings?

To open a High Yield Plus account, you will need to provide some basic information, such as your name, address, and social security number, and proof of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. You can start saving today by opening an account online in less than 3 minutes, calling our contact center, or making an appointment to meet with a WECU team member at any of our Financial Centers.

*The national average savings account interest rate is reported by the FDIC (as of September 19, 2023) as the average annual percentage yield (APY) for savings accounts.

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