If you’ve ever wanted to start running so you can lose some weight, it’s probably been a hard thing to start and be consistent with. One thing people do to get them going, is they schedule a race: whether that’s a 5k, 10k or half marathon. Having this race on their calendar in the future can be really good motivation to keep them running consistently. Most people can’t just decide to do a half marathon and go out the next morning and do it, it takes some consistent training over a period of time. That means it also takes ongoing motivation.

In the same way, saving for the sake of saving is really just a hard thing to do. Yes, most of us know we should be saving. One way to get motivated to save is to attach something that you enjoy to that savings. Say, for example, you’re trying to save for some new granite countertops in your house. You can create a savings account and name it “countertops” in WECU’s online banking. Then every time you transfer in, think of it as filling a bucket. And that bucket is filled a little bit every time: $10, $25 or $100. After you do this a couple times, you’ll get into the routine of savings: you’ll see the payoff on the other end, you’ll naturally connect the savings with enjoyment.