Cyber Security

More Online Safety Tips

A few extra things you can do to keep yourself safe. This is definitely a case where the little things go a long way.

Password protect your devices to secure them against unauthorized access.

Use caution when opening emails, downloading attachments, or clicking on links.

  • Malicious software, capable of stealing information or damaging your devices, may be in attachments or links.
  • Never provide personal information in response to an unexpected email.
  • Financial institutions and government agencies will never send an unsolicited email asking for your personal information.
  • If you receive a suspicious email or social media message from someone you know, call them and ask if they sent the message before interacting with it. Their email or social media account may have been compromised and the message you received may be from a fraudster hoping to steal your personal information or compromise your email or social media accounts.

Don’t share personal information on social media.

Be cautious when answering questions in social media surveys as these may be designed to glean enough information to guess your passwords or to steal your identity.

Only download apps from trusted sources and pay careful attention to the permissions that an app requires.

  • Malicious apps may be designed to steal your information.
  • Even for trusted apps, turn off or limit any unnecessary permissions.
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If you suspect someone has gained unauthorized access to your account, contact WECU immediately at 800-525-8703.

To report a card lost or stolen after hours, call 866-767-0814 (credit) or 844-909-1628 (debit).

If you are traveling outside the U.S. call collect at any time 415-805-4639 (credit) or 415-805-4713 (debit).

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