Sweat Equity Team

Our Commitment

WECU® has a strong commitment to the needs of our community. We strive to support education, health, and community concerns. WECU's Sweat Equity Team endeavors to bring fun, rewarding and interesting volunteer opportunities to our WECU® staff. We can only consider requests for individual volunteer commitments of 2-3 hours (with the possibility of 2 shifts) and for events falling on a Saturday or Sunday. We encourage requestors to contact us at least 3 months in advance of the event.

Please note, we are unable to take requests for the following 2018 dates:

  • May 4-6
  • June 23
  • August 17-19
  • August 24-26
  • September 28-30
  • October 5-8, 2018

Sweat Equity Guidelines

  1. All organizations requesting WECU® SET volunteers must complete the SET Form.
  2. WECU® will only consider requests from tax exempt organizations recognized under IRS 501(c)(3) guidelines or by the Secretary of State (WA) as a non-profit organization, and:
    • Local organizations operating in Whatcom County
    • Requests that conform to our 2013 mission of addressing health, education, and community concerns
    • Events and projects that are identified as a strong need in our community
  3. WECU® will not consider requests for:
    • Sectarian, individual or religious purposes
    • Propagandizing, influencing elections or legislation
    • Organizations or events which could create controversy or friction among WECU® members