WECU’s staff volunteer program, which has taken part in 170 events since 2011, is changing its name from the “Sweat Equity Team (SET)” to “Team WECU.”

Under the banner of SET, WECU employees have volunteered 2,201 times and supported 68 different nonprofits from the Whatcom Humane Society, to Fun with the Fuzz, to Animals as Natural Therapy, to the Whatcom Land Trust.

On the heels of WECU’s new corporate brand launch July 23, WECU’s SET Committee, made up of dedicated credit union and community leaders, saw a great opportunity to freshen up the SET look!

The volunteer committee loved the concept of “Team WECU” as it acknowledges collaboration, the strengths of many hands working together, the belief that we as a community we are all truly in this together.

Thank you to our staff and their family and friends that have committed themselves to serving others.