It seems every day we hear about a new scam, act of fraud, or data breach. Here’s a couple tips to help protect yourself from fraudsters.

  1. Never provide information until you have verified to whom you are speaking. If you have questions- reach out to us.
  2. If someone calls saying they are from WECU and you are suspicious, you can ask for their name and location and hang up the phone. Then you can call us to verify.
  3. If you receive an email that seems out of place, you can do the same. While WECU sends marketing emails containing current promotions and e-Statement notifications, WECU will never ask for private information in an email.
  4. If you feel comfortable in responding to an email or phone call, you should only provide information that the person might reasonably need.
  5. If it seems too good to be true or illogical, just say no!