SeaTac, Washington (March 26, 2020) – Credit unions are considered essential businesses under Governor Jay Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, and are here to support more than 4.3 million Washingtonians. As not-for-profit, cooperative financial services providers, credit unions are already mobilized to help their members who are facing financial hardships as the result of COVID-19.

While communities are coming together in efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus, disruptions in everyday life may create inconveniences, anxiety, and financial difficulty for Washingtonians. Credit unions are helping members and employees through those challenges. Afterall, the credit union philosophy is “People Helping People.”

Credit Unions are Here for You

Washingtonians are facing life-changing disruptions as schools and many businesses close. Unfortunately, for many, this has meant the loss of jobs or income. Washington’s credit unions have special programs in place to help consumers through these difficult times, and have already provided hundreds of solutions such as:

  • Loan modifications to make payments more affordable
  • Options to skip mortgage payments for as long as 90 days
  • Emergency low-interest to zero-interest loans

At a credit union, you’re not a number – you’re a member, and each member’s needs are unique. If you are being impacted financially by COVID-19, contact your credit union to find out about the solutions that are best for you. If you aren’t a credit union member, and unsure where to start, visit to learn more and find one near you.

Still Connected During Social Distancing

Like your family, the credit union family is following best “social distancing” practices to keep members and employees safe. Some branches are closed, but drive-throughs remain open, ATMs are operating, employees are answering questions at call centers, and online and mobile apps are available for 24/7 account access.

There is no Need to Carry Large Amounts of Cash

With full access to your money through digital technology, there is no reason for you to withdraw large amounts of cash; in fact, we’re hearing many merchants may prefer that you use a debit or credit card right now. If your cash is lost or stolen, it cannot be replaced, but your credit union can fix you up with new credit and debit cards if they are lost or stolen.

We as credit unions understand the difficulty this situation presents, and we are working through this together.

The Northwest Credit Union Association is the trade association representing more than 175 not-for-profit, cooperative credit unions in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, and their 7.3 million consumer members. As not-for-profit cooperatives, credit unions look out for their members’ financial well-being. Everyone should open their eyes to a credit union. For more information, please visit: