Bellingham, WA (January 27, 2020) – As a credit union founded by teachers, WECU is a strong supporter of education in our community. As a reflection of this commitment, we are proud to announce that we have launched the WECU Education First Program. As a first step, WECU has made a $55,000 donation to support student education at our local colleges: Northwest Indian College, Whatcom Community College, and Bellingham Technical College. Funds will be given to the foundations of each college and will provide financial aid for students working toward their education and career goals. The proportion of the donated funds going to each school was determined by enrollment.

Education First Grants

WECU’s Education First Grant Program began accepting applications for the first time in 2019. This new program will provide grants for various institutions working to advance academic achievement in our community. Learn more about this and apply here.

$25,000 Donation to Support Early Childhood Education

This is just one of the many steps we have taken toward supporting education. In July, as a part of our brand launch, WECU made a $25,000 to support early childhood education through The Opportunity Council’s Project X-it. You can listen to our podcast and read the article about that donation here.

WWU Scholarship Program

In 2018 Western Washington University’s Carver Gymnasium Court was designated WECU Court as part of a larger sponsorship agreement through June 2022 that includes $50,000 annually for student-athlete scholarships.

WECU is tremendously excited to reach the communities of Whatcom County in new ways and continue to create meaningful partnerships.

Learn more about this and WECU’s 2019 charitable giving plan.

About WECU

WECU is a full-service consumer and commercial financial partner that operates 11 branch locations and two loan centers for business and home needs. WECU is proud to serve more than 125,000 members and has nearly $1.6 billion in assets. More information on WECU Charitable Giving programs can be found at

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