Bellingham, WA (August 22, 2018) – WECU is pleased to announce the launch of a new website. Website visitors will find the website a significant refresh from the previous version with its improved mobile-responsiveness, easy-to-navigate design, and enhanced content.

“People expect an intuitive digital experience,” WECU’s Chief Marketing Officer, David Jones said. “They don’t have time to sift through a bunch of pages and content to find meaningful information. The new web experience boasts a clean and intuitive design, consistent site-wide navigation, improved menu functionality, and it looks terrific on any device or on any browser.”

The new website will also place an emphasis on storytelling and financial education.

“There’s a ton of content including articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos,” Jones said. “Anyone visiting the website can find easy to consume information about a variety of topics including auto or home buying and business lending, plus ways to improve financial literacy and how WECU gives back to our local community.”

One thing Jones and his team focused on during the design process was the use of
“simple language.”

“The goal of our brand is to be approachable, genuine and engaging. We strip out the jargon because that gets in the way,” Jones said. “Our members want clear, simple solutions. Talking like real people makes real good sense to us.”

Read about our mobile banking options here.

About WECU

WECU is a full-service consumer and commercial financial partner that operates 11 branch locations and two loan centers for business and home needs. WECU is proud to serve more than 125,000 members and has nearly $1.6 billion in assets. More information on WECU Charitable Giving programs can be found at

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Keith Mader, Program Manager PR & Content at WECU, 360-756-7694,