People do not understand how many ways a credit score affects them. Some know that that their credit affects their ability to get a loan and the interest rate they must pay. But credit can (and often does) affect a person’s ability to rent an apartment, get hired, and be approved for affordable insurance rates!

Avoid a “failure to launch” situation with your child, consider a Student Visa.

The WECU Student Visa program teaches young people about money management and kick-starts their credit score. We start with a seminar that covers establishing and maintaining healthy credit, as well as the pitfalls of too much credit card debt. Students then put their new knowledge into practice with a $250 Student Visa.

16 and 17-year-old students must attend the Student Visa Seminar and WECU strongly encourages a legal guardian or parent to attend as well. The student must be 16 years old to participate. Young adults age 18 and older will benefit as well by attending the seminar but can qualify for other credit cards like the WECU Choice Visa or Classic Visas.

The Student Visa Seminar is held every other month. If you are interested, check out our seminars.