The National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund is a deposit insurance program backed by the federal government that protects depositors for up to $250,000.*

Does NCUA Insurance cost me anything?

No! It doesn’t cost you anything extra for this protection. Credit Unions pay into the fund which is administered by the NCUA.

Why was NCUA Insurance created?

The fund, like FDIC insurance, was established to increase depositor confidence. FDIC insurance was created by Congress in 1933 immediately following the Great Depression when one third of all banks failed. This period was marked by several runs on banks (as you might remember seeing in the popular Christmas movie, It’s a Wonderful Life). With NCUA insurance, credit union members can feel confident that their money is secure, even in difficult economic times.

Are business accounts insured as well?

Yes, business accounts are also covered by NCUA insurance.

How much coverage do I have?

The Consumer Assistance Center or NCUA Insurance Estimator can explain more and help to determine your coverage amount. 


*Coverage could (may) exceed $250,000 in some instances; for more information, please visit the NCUA Insurance Estimator referenced above.