One of the most amazing parts about living in our little corner of the country is the geography. On one side, we have the ocean, on the other – mountains. This unique nestling of our community right smack dab in the middle between the two means we live in an outdoor enthusiasts’ playground. On this episode of Neighbor to Neighbor, host Keith Mader speaks with Eric Brown, a curator of one of our most loved playgrounds. He is the Executive Director for the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition or WMBC.

WECU adopted the Family Fun Center Trail through the WMBC Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition back in 2013 and we’ve been maintaining it ever since. It’s enjoyed by trail runners and mountain bikers all year long. The TAP (Trail Adoption Program) was created in 2013 giving local businesses the opportunity to support the WMBC stewardship efforts. We keep the trails maintained, allowing the WMBC the ability to focus on enhancing and creating new trails. Pictures below:

The WMBC truck sports a decal saying "Save the Trails"

Team WECU posing for a photo in their blue shirts

Team WECU volunteers pose next to a bike with "Family fun center" posted on it

Volunteers pause their shoveling to smile for the camera