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Apr 28 WECU classic cards blocked at Winn Dixie and Florida grocery stores.
We currently have a block on all card present... more
Apr 27 How WECU Handles Card Compromises
A card compromise occurs when unauthorized individuals gain access to debit and/or credit card... more
Apr 27 Payment Processor Card Compromise
On 4/27 received a list from Visa Inc. of 459 debit and credit cards involved in the security... more
Mar 13 Apple Pay Update
Apple users have been inquiring if WECU will adopt Apple Pay. Since the initial launch of Apple... more
Mar 09 SSL FREAK Vulnerability and WECU Systems
WECU is continually monitoring the security of our websites and software systems.  We are... more
A Note from the CEO
Jennifer Kutcher
JenniferKutcher Credit Union Economic Impact: WECU® is extremely proud to be part of the credit union community. In 2014, credit unions nationwide achieved a significant milestone – 100 million credit union memberships! In Washington State, we exceeded over 3.27 million in credit union memberships*.  Why... more